About Sloane


There are shifters walking among us. Sloane Meyers is devoted to telling their stories...

Sloane thinks we could all use a little escape in our lives. And what better way to shake up the ordinary than to transport yourself to the mysterious world of those who have an animal within them, roaring to be let out. Sloane brings you hot shifter males, and spunky, spirited heroines. In her sizzling stories, you'll meet dragons, bears, wizards, and much more. And every story ends with a guaranteed happily ever after. <3

Sloane Meyers
Author Sloane Meyers

Sloane is a former lawyer who decided that writing shifter stories is way more fun than going to court. She lives with her family in Northern California. (Yes, near some great Redwood forests!). When she's not busy crafting shifter tales, Sloane enjoys a good glass of wine, preferably shared with good friends. She loves reading (duh!) and spending time in the great outdoors.

Sloane believes in dreams come true and happily ever afters... and she hopes you do, too. Happy Reading!