Shifters. Romance. Magic. Heat.

Ready for an adventure? There are many here to choose from! My stories are currently divided into two main worlds:

1. Dragon Shifters and Magic

This world is populated with sexy, larger than life dragon shifters and the woman who fall in love with them. Many of the heroines in my Dragon Shifter world are wizards, who keep our dragon boys on their toes with their magical abilities. You've never before seen sparks fly like they do in these sizzling romances. You'll first meet dragons, unicorns, and many other shifters in the Shifters in the Heart of Texas series, and the wizards show up next in the Redwood Dragons series. Things really heat up in my latest series, Torch Lake Shifters, when dragon shifters and wizards find love waiting for them after a long Dark Magic War. Click on "Dragons and Magic" to learn more. 

2. The Shifter "Elements" Series

Ice, Fire, Water, Air... and sexy shifters! This world is mainly full of bear shifters, battling all the major elements. You'll meet hardy polar bears in the Ice Bear series,  hot Smokejumpers in Fire Bears, a courageous Coast Guard rescue team in Water Bears, and fearless pilots in Air Bears. If you still haven't had enough (and really, is there ever such a thing as "enough" bear shifters?), check out the Fur Coat Society Series to jump into the future and see how the grown-up children of the original bear shifters find their own lifemates. Click on "The Shifter Elements" to learn more!