Dragons. Magic. Sizzle.

Secret worlds exist that even dragon shifters have yet to discover. Watch as the lives of dragons, wizards, and other shifters collide, and sparks fly. Packed full of steamy encounters and happily ever afters, these stories are sure to please. 

There are currently three series in this universe: Torch Lake Shifters, Redwood Dragons and Shifters in the Heart of Texas. In my Texas series, you'll be introduced to the world of Dragons amidst action-packed adventures. In the now complete Redwoods series, you'll meet the wizards who drive our dragons crazy - in a good way, of course!

And in my NOW COMPLETE dragon shifter-wizard series, Torch Lake Shifters, you'll be meeting several dragon shifters and wizards as they put their lives back together after the Great Dark Magic War - and find love along the way, of course!

Torch Lake Shifters

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Ten action-packed dragon shifter romances that prove love is worth fighting for! Get your box set today for one low price!

  • Book One: Defiance and the Dragon

  • Book Two: Summer and the Dragon

  • Book Three: The Commander and the Dragon

  • Book Four: Determination and the Dragon

  • Book Five: Destiny and the Dragon

  • Book Six: Escape and the Dragon

  • Book Seven: Stealth and the Dragon

  • Book Eight: Fury and the Dragon

  • Book Nine: Courage and the Dragon

  • Book Ten: Victory and the Dragon

Shifters in the Heart of Texas

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Dragon shifters, unicorn shifters, tiger shifters, panther shifters, and more! All in one Shifter Romance Box Set… Seven sexy shifter stories for one low price!

  • Book One: Lone Star Dragon

  • Book Two: Lone Star Tiger

  • Book Three: Lone Star Magic

  • Book Four: Lone Star Secret

  • Book Five: Lone Star Hunter

  • Book Six: Lone Star Unicorn

  • Book Seven: Lone Star Defender