The Official Reading Order List

Hey, there! Sloane here!

I’m frequently asked for the best reading order for my series, so I thought I’d make one page on my website that listed the best reading order in an easy-to-understand post.

Please note - all of these series can be read in any order and still be understood just fine. BUT, for maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading the series within each particular universe in the order listed below. When you read the series in order, you’ll be delighted as you see old friends popping up in later books. That’s a lot of fun!

No matter which order you read in, you’re sure to find plenty of book boyfriends to fall in love with! ;)

Many of my series are now sold as complete combined sets. For series that have not yet been bundled to be sold as a set, I’ve listed out the individual titles in order. And, if you want more detailed information on any of the series, you can check out the links above for Shifter Romance, Alien Romance, or Contemporary Romance.

Happy Reading!

(Click on any series title to get a copy of the series for yourself! All are available to read on Kindle Unlimited!)

Elements Universe Reading Order:

  1. Ice Bear Shifters Series

  2. Fire Bear Shifters Series

  3. Water and Air Bear Shifters Series

  4. The Fur Coat Society Series

Dragons and Magic Universe Reading Order:

  1. Shifters in the Heart of Texas Series

  2. The Redwood Dragons Series

  3. Torch Lake Shifters Part One

  4. Torch Lake Shifters Part Two

Standalone Series

(These series are not connected to any other series, and therefore can be read in any order)

  1. The Shifter Games Shifter Romance Series

  2. Zocrone of the Seven Galaxies Alien Romance Series

  3. Driftwood Island Billionaire Contemporary Romance Series

Bear Mountain Shifters Universe

(A Brand New Shifter Universe from Sloane - starting April 2019!)

  1. Bear Mountain Shifters