Let the Games Begin

In the shifter town of Bear Hollow, shifters of all types make their home. But their survival is constantly threatened by the full humans of nearby Gilt Hollow, who rule over the shifters with an iron fist. The worst part about the Gilt Hollow humans is the "Games," which dehumanize the shifters by forcing them to fight in a ring like wild animals, all for the full humans' entertainment. But everything is about to change, because a group of shifters have decided they've had enough, and have started a resistance. Follow along as these brave shifters fight for freedom and dignity, and find love in the midst of hard times. This binge-worthy series is now complete!

The Shifter Games

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Five action-packed shifter romances that will keep you up well past your bedtime… get the complete set today for one low price!

The box set includes:

  • Book One: The Misfit and the Bear

  • Book Two: The Rebel and the Wolf

  • Book Three: The Risk Taker and the Wolf

  • Book Four: The Warrior and the Snow Leopard

  • Book Five: The Princess and the Bear